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Simple. Smart. Safe.

LifeDoor is an easy to install device that can save your families life.  Lifedoor installs in minutes on any door with basic tools. To install LifeDoor simply:

  • Remove pin from desired door hinge
  • Attach LifeDoor to the back of the door
  • Re-insert pin into door hinge. 

Free Shipping.

All LifeDoor units ship for free.  

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LifeDoor Demo

Protect Your Family

In the event of a fire, LifeDoor performs several simple, but life-saving actions

  • Closes the door

    Protecting occupants from super heated smoke and toxic gases, and depriving the fire of the room's oxygen.

  • Illuminates the room

    Allowing the occupant to safely assess the situation and make a decision about the best way to exit the structure.

  • Sounds a secondary alarm

    A study conducted in the UK found that 80% of children ages of 3-to-12 sleep through standard smoke alarms. 

  • Stops smoke & flame

    A closed door slows the spread of flames and protects you from toxic smoke and noxious fumes, buying you and your family time to escape to safety or await rescue.

Technical specifications

  • Door & Hinge

    Works on hollow core and solid core interior doors. Works on 3" and 3.5" interior door hinges with removable hinge pins (very common in the US). LIfeDoors size is 4.25"x4.25".1.25"

  • Alarm

    Sounds a powerful 75 dB. alarm when activated

  • Batteries & LED

    Requires 2 AA batteries (included) with battery life 18-24 months. Built-in LED light array flashes for 10 seconds then stays on solid to allow the occupant to find the safest way out

  • Acoustics

    Works with all UL listed smoke alarms manufactured after 1996. Can hear the sound of a smoke alarm up to 10' feet away