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How is LifeDoor activated?

The specific and regulated tone of an activated smoke alarm known as temporal 3 (T3). This is the smoke alarm standard for UL217 8th edition and prior.  

What type of smoke alarms work with LifeDoor? 

Most UL-listed smoke alarms manufactured after 1996 that produce a T3 tone (UL217 8th edition). (If your smoke alarms were manufactured more than 10 years ago NFPA (as well as LifeDoor, inc.) recommended that you replace them. Here is a list of devices we’ve shown function with LifeDoor (First Alert: OneLink, SA303, 9120b; Kidde: I9070, 9010, I9050, I9080, I9040; Firex: 120-1182, i4618ac)

Is LifeDoor a smoke alarm

No, LifeDoor has no smoke or fire sensing ability, it only responds to working UL smoke detectors that emit a T3 tone. LifeDoor is a secondary device that works in conjunction with your smoke detectors. LifeDoor DOES NOT replace your smoke detector or any other fire safety equipment.

What is the maximum distance the smoke alarm can be away from the LifeDoor unit?

10’ if the smoke alarm is in the same room as the LifeDoor and 4’ away if it’s outside the room. Ensure you test your device on an open door using your home's smoke detectors, audio environments vary greatly and testing is required to confirm correct functionality.

What if there’s toys/clothes on the ground in front of the door?

It is recommended that the floor around the doors be kept clear at all times. Depending on the flooring and what object is blocking the door, LifeDoor may not be able to close the door or even move it all.

Does LifeDoor close and lock the door?

LifeDoor only closes the door as recommended by all of the major fire safety authorities. LifeDoor doesn’t lock or impact the door handle at all. If the safest way to get out of the room is through the door, it is easily reopened.

What if I try to get out or open the door as it’s being closed?

You can open the door while it’s being closed with less than 5lbs pulling force that the IBC (International Building Code) requires. In most cases, the force is less than 2lb and the door can be stopped with pressure from a single finger.

With what type of doors does LifeDoor work?

Any interior door up to 85 lbs. The door must be free swinging and not rub on the floor covering or any parts of the door jamb and be free of obstructions. Use of spring hinges, slow close (soft close) hinges, or other features may impede the functionality of LifeDoor.

Typical door size/weight chart (exact values vary by manufacturer)

Width x (80" tall) Solid Core Hollow Core



















How does LifeDoor get reset?

LifeDoor closing cycle is 11 seconds to close the door, after that time period the device is automatically reset. If the smoke alarm continues to alarm, LifeDoor will continue to trigger and automatically reset at the end of each cycle ( approx every 60s)

Why is my door closing slowly?

You may need to oil your hinges. LifeDoor recommends oiling your hinges with a light oil (such as a “3-in One” brand) semi-annually. Test LifeDoor’s functionality after any adjustments to your door or door hardware.

What type of batteries does LifeDoor use?

LifeDoor uses (2) Energizer Max 9V batteries that are included in the unit when it is shipped. Replacements can be found at most major retailers, amazon.com, or can be ordered from LifeDoor.

How long do the batteries last?

Depending on the amount of testing done, LifeDoor will last at least 12 months before a low battery chirp will take place and may last over 24 months depending on use. LifeDoor inc. recommends replacing the batteries annually.

How does LifeDoor install to the door?

LifeDoor can be installed using the (2) wood screws to the door as outlined in the “Quick Start Guide”. There is adhesive on the back of the device that only provides TEMPORARY adhesion to free up your hands for the screw installation.

What’s the maximum angle a door can open with LifeDoor on it?

The normal installation allows for an opening of 145 degrees. The LifeDoor.io/install shows an alternative installation which allows for an opening of 165 degrees.

Will LifeDoor affect day to day use of the door?

No, when not activated, LifeDoor makes no changes to the normal operation of the door.

I sleep with my door closed, do I still need LifeDoor?

Yes, a closed-door slows fire growth as well as protects the room and contents. Many people that usually sleep with their doors closed often don’t close them when they leave the house. LifeDoor will add a new level of fire protection to your home.

What if my smoke detector is too far away? 

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that smoke alarms be placed inside of all bedrooms as well as outside of sleeping areas. It’s also recommended that your home’s detectors are interconnected (when one goes off, they all do.) Many of the detectors listed above are battery operated and can be placed close to the LifeDoor device

Will LifeDoor close and latch every door?

No, some door sizes, weights, and other features can impact function. In smaller rooms with closed windows and/or certain HVAC conditions a normal door may close but not latch. Closed doors that are not latched are still capable of blocking heat and smoke and provide a proven advantage vs full open doors. Email customer support for more info if needed.

How bright is the LifeDoor LED?

LifeDoor lighting provides at least 20 Lux at 36” distance. This is not a full illumination source but is brighter than most nightlights and may help orient people in a dark environment.

Is LifeDoor LED a certified strobe light or emergency light source?

No, the LifeDoor lighting provides basic illumination in a dark room which can help orient occupants and speed their exit.

Does LifeDoor record or store any audio data?

No, LifeDoor is only listening for a smoke detector T3 pattern. It detects other loud noises but does not process speech or store any audio.