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Tech Sector Giving Back: Seattle Area Firefighters Volunteer Manufacturing Services to Make Life-Saving Medical Device for Doctors to Help Fight the Coronavirus

Tech Sector Giving Back: Seattle Area Firefighters Volunteer Manufacturing Services to Make Life-Saving Medical Device for Doctors to Help Fight the Coronavirus

LifeDoor Founders Partner with University of Washington to Make and Donate Intubation Devices to Doctors


Seattle, Washington  – April 16, 2020 LifeDoor, the firefighter-founded technology company, today announces its newest device to protect first responders and medical professionals from the spread of COVID-19, the LifeBox. Created in partnership with the University of Washington, the LifeBox is a simple design based on a concept shared on the internet from Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan. 

When the University of Washington’s COVID-19 Central Command reached out to LifeDoor, via the Everett Firefighter Association, LifeDoor’s Co-Founder Joel Sellinger answered the call. “They were looking for local businesses with manufacturing and design capabilities to tackle the issue of virus spread to caregivers during patient intubation. Intubation is a high-risk scenario for doctors and first responders because you’re close to the patient’s face. They needed a way to protect medical professionals, and we knew we had to help.”

Unconscious, intubation is a procedure where a patient is essentially temporarily paralyzed and a tube is inserted down their trachea attached to a ventilator. The machine breathes for them. Currently, during the procedure, doctors and first responders are easily contaminated. The new LifeBox is a clear box with access ports that covers the patient’s head and lets doctors work with less exposure.

Sellinger’s company, LifeDoor is known for its life-saving residential devices that close bedroom doors in the event of a house fire, to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Their company, based in the Pacific Northwest, has been developing and selling door closing devices for over 2 years.

“We’re in the business of saving lives, both as firefighters, and as entrepreneurs. Making devices that help reduce exposure for first responders, doctors, and medical personnel during a pandemic was cause enough for LifeDoor to pause our normal entrepreneurial efforts and manufacturing and retool to save lives in a new kind of way,” says Sellinger. “So far, at least 77 doctors have died in Italy alone, from the Coronavirus. High risk procedures such as intubations have caused doctors, nurses, and others to be contaminated. This is why a device like what we are doing is essential to their health. We’re honored to help.”

“We are developing an open sourced design for the LifeBox, which will be available on our website https://lifedoor.io/pages/aerosol-boxes. LifeDoor will make and donate a limited number of boxes and will support others who want to fabricate. Our goal is to optimize the design and share it with others who can fabricate.  We already know of multiple parties across the country utilizing the design we’ve provided.”

To access the LifeDoor designs go to lifedoor.io

For other questions contact LifeDoor via email info@lifedoor.io To get a LifeBox, contact LifeDoor at info@lifedoor.io

About LifeDoor

LifeDoor is a firefighter-founded technology company dedicated to saving lives in the event of a fire. LifeDoor’s products close bedroom doors in the event of a fire, preventing and slowing the spread of fires and deadly smoke, giving people more time to escape and firefighters more time for rescue. To learn more, visit www.lifedoor.io