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Is LifeDoor Safe To Use?

Is LifeDoor Safe To Use?

Is LifeDoor going to shut me in? 

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is related to the fear that LifeDoor is going to "lock" people in their rooms. Be assured, this is not what LifeDoor does. LifeDoor simply shuts the door, then disengages. That means that after the device shuts the door, the door can be easily opened as it would normally be. The LifeDoor unit does not provide any resistance or lock the door shut. 


What if I need to get out as the LifeDoor unit is closing the door?

If the LifeDoor unit detects the sound of an activated smoke alarm and starts to shut the door as someone is in the path of the door or standing nearby and wants to get out, the unit will not overpower you and you will be able to reopen the door even while it's in the act of closing.




Why LIfeDoor?

Today's fires are more toxic than ever. Synthetic materials in homes burn faster and create more dangerous fumes and smoke than at any time in history. If a fire breaks out while your family is sleeping or napping, they can be overwhelmed by fumes before they even wake up. The simple act of closing your door can save your life or that of someone you love. LifeDoor listens for your smoke alarm with its special microphone and proprietary listening algorithm, and when it hears it going off, it closes your door. This simple act buys you the precious time needed in many cases for the fire department to arrive to help you. 

This simple image illustrates the massive difference between the temperature of a room with the door open and the door shut during a fire. Where would you rather be?