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Firefighters Launch Company With New Product That Saves Lives

Firefighters Launch Company With New Product That Saves Lives

LifeDoor Launches Tech Device That Closes Doors and Protects Homes In Fire

EVERETT, WA October 7, 2019 – Just in time for Fire Prevention week, LifeDoor, the firefighter-founded technology company, today announces the sale of its first mass-market residential device, the LD1, now available nationwide at https://www.lifedoor.io/


The LD1 is a small, easy-to-install device that shuts a bedroom door in the event of a fire, buying residents valuable time to escape by slowing the spread of fire and toxic smoke. 


Why Are Home Fires So Deadly?


- They Happen When We’re Vulnerable: 50% of residential fires happen when most people are sleeping and vulnerable, between 11:00pm and 7:00am. A closed bedroom door provides you and your family extra time to escape safely.


- They’re Faster Than Ever: House fires spread 600% faster today than they did 40 years ago. Todays’ homes are filled with synthetic materials that burn hotter, faster, and more toxic than ever before.


- Toxic Gases Disorient and Confuse Your Brain Before Killing You: Poisonous gases produced by fire can disorient your mind so you’re less likely to think straight and escape. A few breaths can kill you. Toxic glasses and smoke kill more people in fires than flames do.


How the LD1 Works

The LD1 is triggered by the sound of a home’s existing smoke alarms. Once triggered, the LD1 automatically closes the door its attached to, sounding its own alarm and lighting up the room. LifeDoor can extend the survivable time for occupants or minimize damage to the room if no one is home. If the safest way to exit the house is through that door, LifeDoor is easily reopened.


Lifedoor’s Beginning

One restless night at the fire station,Joel Sellinger, (now LifeDoor Co-Founder), was worrying about his wife and young daughter at home because he knew they both liked to sleep with their doors open.


“I’ve seen first hand, the dramatic difference a closed door makes during a fire. It literally can be the difference between life and death.” said Joel, “As a firefighter you tend to worry more about these things because you see how that kind of loss affects people every day. So one night, instead of just worrying, I had this idea; to buy an automatic door closer that would work with my smoke alarms. When I realized nothing like that existed, I got right to work making it. I decided to partner with my friend and now Co-Founder, Ben Docksteader. Ben is also a dad and understands the importance of what we were working on. He brings 20 years of product design and manufacturing to the team and has been an integral part of getting LifeDoor to the market. Together we’ve built LifeDoor from the ground up and we’re excited to help save lives and limit property damage.”


“Closed doors save lives,” says Joel. “Rooms with closed doors always fair better than the rest of a burning home. Sometimes, rooms with closed doors look perfectly untouched. If you are in a fire, and you and your family are lucky enough to be in a room with a closed door, you have more time to escape or be rescued. The new LD1 device gives people that peace of mind that they’ll have extra time to escape in the event of a house fire.”


The LD1 can be purchased in single and three packs on LifeDoor’s website:


About LifeDoor

LifeDoor is a firefighter-founded technology company dedicated to saving lives in the event of a fire. LifeDoor’s products close bedroom doors in the event of a fire, preventing and slowing the spread of fires and deadly smoke, giving people more time to escape and firefighters more time for rescue. To learn more, visit www.lifedoor.io