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Close before you doze

Close before you doze

In the United Kingdom, the Hackett Review has led to increasing awareness in the role of door closers in fire safety. Some of the benefits of automatic door closers like LifeDoor are prevention of the spread of fire and smoke as well as dangerous toxins that can lead to the suffocation of the people that are inside the house. Without having an automatic door closer, a lapse in judgment or in memory can be a deadly and costly mistake.

Below are some recently released news articles show more evidence of the importance of closing your door before going to bed.

Burton Fire

Burton, Michigan March 12, 2020

On February 15th a fire broke out in Burton, Michigan. When all the flames were put out, the firefighters found one room that was practically untouched by the flames. The fire department said that if the whole family had been in the bedroom with the door shut it would have been a survivable spot. The fire department is now using this incident as an example of why sleeping with the door closed is a very good idea.


Abingdon, Maryland March 7, 2020

A space heater caused a fire in an Abingdon, Maryland home. The closed-door where the fire started prevented it from spreading to the rest of the house. The fire marshal stated, “A closed door can isolate the fire’s flow, reduce the room temperature, and keep carbon monoxide levels down.” No injuries were reported with this fire. Without the door shut there could have been more damage and possibly injuries.

Warwick Fire
Warwick, United Kingdom March 12, 2020

Firefighters were called to the scene of a two-story house. The fire had started in the ground floor bathroom. The property owners were disabled and unable to leave the house. The fire was found to have originated from an electric toilet in the bathroom. The fire was contained by the owners shutting the bathroom door. There was a lot of smoke and the home needed to be aired out but the property was fine on the whole. One of the firefighters on the scene said: “This illustrates the importance of shutting your door before you go to bed and making sure you check that all of your smoke alarms are working”.


Dog Fire

Dublin, Ireland March 10, 2020

A house was on fire and firefighters rescued two family pets from the blaze. Breathing equipment was placed on the dogs and they were taken to safety. The cause of the fire was found to be a phone or tablet left charging under a pillow in the bedroom. The bedroom door was closed and this helped the fire to be contained to only the one room. Other photos released by the fire department show that the room that the fire had been confined to was completely destroyed.

The amount of news that is generated about this subject is astounding and in almost every instance there is a quote from a fire professional telling the public about the importance of closing doors before you go to sleep. Click here for a video showing how the LifeDoor system works.