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9 Interesting Facts About Lifedoor That Make It A Fire Safety Essential

9 Interesting Facts About Lifedoor That Make It A Fire Safety Essential

Almost every single day, a new piece of technology hits the market. Most of the time, knowing what to get can be very overwhelming and outright confusing. 

Do I really need this?

Is it worth the money?

Would I be able to use this for a long time? 

These are just some of the questions consumers ask when it comes to purchasing tech devices. It is then necessary to do your own research to tell whether a product is right for you and your family. 

This article is going to give you an easy-to-digest overview of LifeDoor, a fire safety device that is simple, safe, and smart. 

Although LifeDoor has been gaining massive attention in national media and major websites, the product is so innovative that not many people realize how upgrading your door with LifeDoor could potentially save a life.

1.   LifeDoor closes the door automatically after detecting a smoke alarm

The primary function of the LifeDoor smart fire safety device is to automatically shut an open door after detecting a smoke alarm.   

Why is this important? 

The common misconception shared by a lot of people is that keeping your door open while sleeping is a safer alternative than closing your door. An open door is perceived to make the air more breathable and could allow you to hear sounds from outside or from your kid’s rooms.

While all these may be true, one thing you may not be aware of is that in case of a fire, an open door also lets the heat, smoke and toxic gasses in. This is dangerous especially if you or your family are fast asleep! 

This is the reason why the campaign “Close Before You Doze” was initiated by the UL Firefighters Safety Research Institute. After several years of research and first-hand experience, the Institute says that you can increase your chances of survival in case of a fire just by closing your door before sleeping. 

How? A closed door can do the following: 

  •       Slow down the spread of a fire
  •       Improve oxygen levels
  •       Reduce toxic smoke levels
  •       Decrease temperatures from more than 1,000 degrees (open door) to around 100 degrees (closed door) 

While it might seem simple to remind your family members to close their doors, this is easier said than done. Many children tend to open their doors at night after their parents tuck them in. Elderly family members also find it difficult to break the habit of keeping their doors open while sleeping. 

Having a device such as LifeDoor is a smart solution that can address this issue and make sure the doors are closed in case of a fire.

2.   LifeDoor was founded by a firefighter and a product manufacturing expert

Being a firefighter, Joel Sellinger has seen for himself how a closed door can save a life in case of a fire. In an article published on HeraldNet news website, Joel recalled how he found it difficult to remind his then 6-year old daughter to close the door while sleeping. Even if they closed the door at night, they would still find her door open in the morning. This is a common problem faced by a lot of parents. 

To solve this, Joel decided to buy an automatic door shutter, assuming that this product was already available in the market since hospitals and schools already have similar systems that automatically shut doors. 

When he realized, however, that an automatic door closer was not available for residential homes, he partnered with his friend Ben to work on one. Joel’s wife was the one who came up with the name LifeDoor to name the product and the company. 

After working on more than twenty prototypes, LifeDoor co-founders Joel Sellinger and Ben Docksteader established the company in January 2017. It took them more than twenty prototypes to fine-tune the first product which they now call LD1.

  1.   LifeDoor sounds a second alarm

Do you sleep through smoke alarms? 

Well, you’re not alone. Many people confess to being oblivious to their smoke alarms. But what’s more alarming (pun intended) is that 80% of children are reported to sleep through smoke alarms. If you have a kid, this can be rather worrying. 

Aside from closing your kid’s open door in case of a fire in your home, an added advantage of installing the LifeDoor smart device is that it also sounds a powerful 75dB secondary alarm when activated. 

This is a different sound from that emitted by your smoke alarm, giving you and your family further notification to wake up.

4.   LifeDoor illuminates the room in case of a fire 

Most house fires happen at night. This means that lights are most likely switched off, making it more difficult to navigate a room to find a means of escape. 

Over the last few decades, the changes in construction materials, layouts, and home furnishings have reduced the average time to escape a house fire from 17 minutes to just 3 minutes or even less. This is because house fires spread 600% faster as compared to 40 years ago. 

Given this short amount of time to exit, grappling for the light switch to see what’s around you could spell the difference between life and death. 

If you have LifeDoor installed, not only will it shut your door, giving you more time to escape, the built-in lights will also illuminate the room. The ring of LED lights will flash for ten seconds and then stays on solid. This ingenious feature makes it easier for the room occupant to assess the situation and find the best way out.

  1.   LifeDoor takes only 5 minutes to install 

It’s complicated…

It may not work…

It’s not necessary… 

These are the common excuses heard from people when presented with a smart home device. While you probably won’t think twice about getting the latest cell phone or gaming device, spending on a home fire safety device is not always a top-of-mind purchase. 

The unfortunate reality is that most people do not take into account that house fires are very common in the United States. There is this almost indifferent attitude that house fires are accidents that only happen to other people and the probability of it happening to your own house is slim. 

But do you know that a house fire occurs in the United States every 88 seconds? This finding is according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

What this means is that keeping your home safe is a good preventive measure against deadly house fires. And believe it or not, it only takes 5 minutes to install LifeDoor and give you this added protection. 

No, you do not need to change your entire door nor do you need a complicated fire alarm system. 

LifeDoor is a compact device (4.25"x 4.25".1.25" inches) that works on hollow core and solid core interior doors with 3” and 3.5” inch door hinges with removable hinge pins. These are very common in the United States. The device also comes with the required two AA batteries with a battery life of 18-24 months. 

Installing the LifeDoor device is also easy and very straightforward. There is a video tutorial on the LifeDoor website that clearly shows a step-by-step of LifeDoor Set-up Instructions. Even if you’re not a handyman, you will definitely find it pretty simple to set-up.

6.   LifeDoor does not lock you in; you can easily exit the room

One of the most common questions when people learn about LifeDoor is whether the device will lock them or their children in the room. Isn’t that dangerous? Will it not endanger the family more? 

Okay, okay… before you get an anxiety attack, LifeDoor is NOT a device that will lock you inside your room. It will not slam the door and slam your fingers, too.  

It will also not prevent firefighters from opening the door to rescue you. This is unlike anything in that Jodie Foster movie, Panic Room, so no need to worry that you’re going to be trapped inside, unable to get out. 

What LifeDoor does is shut the door automatically to prevent toxic gases from getting inside your room while you’re still asleep. A few breaths of these toxic gasses can render you unconscious, making it impossible to escape and ask for help. 

If your door is closed, this gives you additional escape time once you wake up. When rescuers arrive, they can easily open the door so you can exit. 

7.   LifeDoor wowed industry executives at the world’s biggest consumer electronics shows

Before launching the product to the market, Joel and Ben went the trade show route to showcase the innovative product. 

According to Fire Apparatus Magazine, LifeDoor turned heads at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. LifeDoor was also one of only 20% of CES exhibitors given the opportunity to showcase its product at the exclusive Eureka Park™ exhibition area. 

That’s not all. 

LifeDoor wowed industry executives as it took first place in the Techstars 90-second pitching competition and gained a good response at the 2019 4YFN Connecting Startups exhibition. These accolades only confirm how truly remarkable this smart device is. 

8.   TechCrunch says installing it is a “no-brainer”

If you are still not convinced, how about hearing out what tech experts have to say? 

The ingenuity and life-saving proposition of LifeDoor gained a lot of media attention. Major tech website CNET ran a feature on the device before it even became available to consumers.  With so many new tech products coming out in the market, getting an entire article feature is no small feat. 

LifeDoor was also featured in TechCrunch, with the writer saying that if he owned a house, installing a LifeDoor device is a “no-brainer”. The writer also said that he is behind a gadget that could potentially save a life and a fortune. 

  1.   Forbes Magazine listed it as a “great tech gift” 

Tech gifts are very popular during the holiday season. What can be more amazing than receiving a fancy tech device that does smart things? These devices can make you more productive, make you more connected, and more efficient. 

In the case of LifeDoor, it could potentially save a life. 

For this reason, Forbes Magazine listed LifeDoor as a great holiday tech gift that deserves your attention in 2019. The article writer, Mark Vena, shared that he installed LifeDoor in his own home bedroom door and confirmed that it only took him less than 5 minutes to do so. 

Vena called it a “terrific peace of mind solution that every homeowner should consider especially if children are present in the house”. He added that he is actually surprised that something so ingenious for the home has taken so long to become available. 

If you’re looking for a tech gift for your parents, your relatives, or any of your loved ones, they will surely appreciate a LifeDoor smart device. Unlike other tech devices that only end up being unused, this is a device that they can use as it works with any smoke alarm designed after 1996. 

Gifting your friends and family with a LifeDoor device also signifies that you care about them and their safety. The best thing about giving a LifeDoor gift? The device is priced very reasonably, not like other tech devices that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

For a smart device that does multiple things including automatically shutting your door, stopping the spread of smoke and flame, giving off a second alarm, and illuminating the room, a LifeDoor smart device only costs $129. If you choose to buy more, you can avail of the product bundles of three or ten devices to give you a saving.

Prioritizing fire safety with LifeDoor

When was the last time you thought about protecting your home and your family from a fire? While there are numerous fire prevention campaigns, many people still disregard common-sense techniques that could prevent house fires. 

The good news is, with the help of technology, you can get an additional layer of protection in case of a fire. Always ensure that your smoke alarm is working and always activated by regularly changing the batteries. Always close your door before you sleep to prevent toxic gasses from seeping into your room.

Better yet, upgrade your doors with a LifeDoor device that will automatically shut your door in case of a fire. These simple steps will not only give you peace of mind but could also potentially save your life. 

9 Interesting Facts About Lifedoor That Make It A Fire Safety Essential