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Keep Your Family Safe

LifeDoor's smart sensing technology connects to your home's existing smoke detectors to automatically close your home's interior doors in the event of a fire.

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Simple. Smart. Safe.

In the event of a fire, LifeDoor performs several simple, but life-saving actions

  • Closes the door

    Protecting occupants from super heated smoke and toxic gases, and depriving the fire of the room's oxygen.

  • Illuminates the room

    Allowing the occupant to safely assess the situation and make a decision about the best way to exit the structure.

  • Sounds a secondary alarm

    A study conducted in the UK found that 80% of children ages of 3-to-12 sleep through standard smoke alarms. 

  • Stops smoke & flame

    a closed door slows the spread of flames and protects you from toxic smoke and noxious fumes, buying you and your family time to escape to safety or await rescue.

  • Free Shipping

    LifeDoor comes with Free Shipping on all orders. No special codes needed or other complicated free shipping schemes. It's simply free. 

  • Money Back Guarantee

    LifeDoor comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Buy LifeDoor with confidence, knowing that if you have installation issues or any other problems you can simply return the unit.


A closed door can save your life. A simple way to keep your home and family safe.


LifeDoor connects to your homes existing smoke detectors to automatically close your interior doors in event of fire.


Fires today spread 6X faster than it did 40 years ago. A closed door can buy
you minutes to take action!

LifeDoor Is Easy To Install!

LifeDoor Installs Easily and In Minutes

This quick video shows how to install and set up a LifeDoor unit in just a few simple steps.